Mass Communication at the University of Montevallo

Facilities Requests

  1. Equipment is scheduled via the uReserve software system. You must log in to view the schedule.

  2. Any Mass Communication Faculty, Staff or student worker may check reserved equipment out.

  3. Equipment may be scheduled for up to four hours during the day, or overnight. If you only need the equipment for 1 or 2 hours, please return it promptly to respect the next reservation.

  4. When scheduling equipment to tape at night, choose the 4pm timeslot. Overnight equipment is due back by 9am the next morning. Weekend equipment starts at 4pm Friday.

  5. If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late for an equipment reservation, call the Mass Comm office at 665-6625 to either confirm or cancel your reservation. Failure to cancel reservations, thus tying up equipment, may cost your checkout privileges.

    Failure to return equipment promptly at then end of your checkout window will result in a 24-hour freeze on your checkout privileges. If equipment is returned after the day it was due, your checkout privileges will be frozen for 1 week. Each additional day that the equipment is not returned will result in freezing your checkout privileges for an additional week.

  6. Equipment MAY NOT be transferred between students. Contact MC Faculty or staff to arrange a swap. Failure to do so will result in loss of privileges.

  7. You may only schedule one camera at a time.

  8. Equipment checkout administrators (Dr. Cofield, Dr. Finklea, Mr. Pruitt, Kaley Blankenship) may cancel reservations for failure to follow the rules.

  9. You will only be able to reserve equipment the faculty has given you permission for.

  10. Equipment is for use by Mass Communication students only.

  11. Students checking equipment out accept responsibility for repair/replacement costs beyond the one replacement covered by the Mass Communication Equipment Fee.

  12. Check the equipment before leaving the Mass Communication building. The last person to check an item out will be held responsible.